Staying Strong to be the Belle of the Ball
Monday, February 3, 2020
Written by: Leslie Carpenter, BCHD Volunteer

Mary Lou Maranian is going to her very first ball! With her 80th birthday around the same time as the upcoming event, she’s looking forward to “wearing something pretty” and being escorted by her family to the recognition event celebrating her granddaughter’s volunteer achievements. It’s no secret that she’s able to be the belle of the ball because of the strength training and balance workouts she does at Beach Cities Health District’s Center for Health & Fitness (CHF).

Thinking back, Mary Lou remembers facing a string of serious health issues over the past forty years, many of which she says were caused by stress. With her chronic Osteoporosis, she’s no stranger to the routine of doctors, medications, chiropractors and physical therapy to counteract the onslaught of the disease. At the suggestion of her good friends (and CHF members) Dorothy and Phyllis, Mary Lou decided to start working out at CHF in 2016 to make her body stronger and reduce her dependence on these other measures.

Though she originally started with a once a week regimen, Mary Lou has since increased her personal training with Aidan and workout sessions on her own to a total of four times weekly, which has made a huge difference in her health. She looks forward to going to CHF because she knows it’s going to make her feel better. Under the guidance of CHF’s experienced instructors who know just how far to push her, Mary Lou’s workout is a combination of thirty-minute personal training sessions using free weights, a step platform and weight machines as well as group balance classes. “Everybody that works here is super nice. I feel like I’m with friends, or relatives, nice relatives, every time I come here,”  said Mary Lou.

Keep on dancing, Mary Lou! With that kind of commitment to your health and fitness, we anticipate many more birthdays and fancy balls in your future.