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BCHD Advisory Committees

Beach Cities Health District’s public advisory committees have a direct impact on the health programs and services provided in the Beach Cities.

To serve on a BCHD advisory committee, you must be a resident of Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach, submit a formal application and be appointed by the board of directors. There is an active recruitment period every spring, but applications are accepted throughout the year and will be considered if there is a vacancy.

  • There is a new opportunity to become a BCHD Community Advisor for the Properties Committee.  The Properties Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibility for managing District properties. The Committee is responsible for policy advice to the Board on property assets; acquisition, development, leasing and disposition of District properties; lease negotiation oversight; and, capital development plans.

BCHD Community Advisor Application is available. Applications are due March 1, 2021.  

For more information, visit bchd.org/committee.

Community Health Committee
Responsible for assessing community health and wellness concerns, monitoring the availability of community health resources, and recommending programs, service areas and business ventures to promote high-quality standards of health in the Beach Cities.

  • Martha Koo – BCHD Board Member
  • Vanessa Poster – BCHD Board Member
  • Kerianne Lawson – BCHD Chief Programs Officer
  • Tom Bakaly – BCHD CEO
  • Mary Drummer – Retired Nurse
  • Howard Fishman – Former Hermosa Beach Mayor
  • Virginia Green, Ph.D. – Family Therapist
  • Jason Hove, M.D. – UCLA Health
  • Marie Puterbaugh – Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Amanda Williamson - Account Manager
  • Sherah Wyly - Wellness Coach
  • Katelyn Nguyen – Redondo Union High School Student
  • Alexandra (Sasha) Popov – Mira CostaHigh School Student

Strategic Planning Committee
Assists the board in formulating and fulfilling BCHD’s strategic vision, mission and goals on an annual basis. Additionally, the committee is responsible for overseeing the development of BCHD’s strategic plan, which is updated every three years.

  • Noel Chun, M.D. – BCHD Board Member
  • Michelle Bholat, M.D. – BCHD Board Member
  • Jackie Berling – BCHD Chief Operations and Innovation Officer
  • Tom Bakaly – BCHD CEO
  • Gary Chuang, M.D. – Dermatologist
  • Joey Farrales – Leadership Hermosa Beach
  • Lyman Fox – Kaiser
  • Vijay Jeste – Former Redondo Beach City Commissioner
  • Charlotte LeBlanc - CPA
  • David Liu - Landmark Health
  • Ricardo Reznichek, M.D. – Harbor/UCLA Medical Center, Retired
  • Christian Wendland - Health Care Partners
  • Joah Lee - Mira Costa High School Student
  • Borna Niknahad – Mira Costa High School Student

Finance Committee
Responsible for budget oversight, audit review, setting investment policies and business plan development. Members are expected to have demonstrated experience in finance, business or banking.

  • Jane Diehl – BHCD Board Member
  • Vanessa Poster – BCHD Board Member
  • Tom Bakaly – BCHD CEO
  • Monica Suua – BCHD CFO
  • Tim Lilligren – Manhattan Beach Treasurer
  • Matthew Briskin – Healthcare Strategy and Management Consultant
  • Theresa Climaco – Healthcare Development Professional
  • Gina DeRosa – California Society of CPAs
  • Stacy Lentz – Attorney and Hospital Compliance Officer
  • Wayne Powell – Former Manhattan Beach Mayor
  • Doug Rodriguez – Redondo Beach City Planning Commission
  • Carol Jo Sommers, Ph.D. – Campus Director and Professor
  • Brecken Runquist – Redondo Union High School Student
  • Sara Stienecker – Redondo Union High School Student