Volunteer Spotlight: Katie Velvin, AdventurePlex Volunteer
Monday, February 25, 2019
Written by David Aguirre, Communications Intern

Katie’s young age and ambitions for her future are an inspiration to teenagers wanting to give volunteering a try. Volunteering for recognition or for credit is not her cup of tea, as Katie volunteers simply because she wants to. As a Girl Scout, Katie thought that she should be giving back to her community and help others in some way, which is why she chose to volunteer at AdventurePlex.

As an AdventurePlex Volunteer, Katie is responsible for assisting staff members in activities and events happening on her scheduled day. Those activities include assisting with birthday parties, camps and drop-off programs. Katie mentions that one of her favorite tasks is serving the cake at birthday parties because she “loves seeing the kids’ faces light up.” Katie is also the youngest person to participate in the Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) Volunteer Advisory Council, a group of volunteers who provides recommendations to further engage the local community in volunteerism and create meaningful volunteer experiences at BCHD.

When asked about Katie’s volunteer work, Jasmine Morales, AdventurePlex Supervisor of Events & Operations, mentioned that “She can be plugged into any role and will deliver great customer service with a smile.” Katie has been volunteering with AdventurePlex for a year now and she is always looking for ways she can help around the facility. Kate Ekman, Purpose and Engagement Coordinator, mentions that it’s wonderful to have her committed without an incentive. Katie’s favorite part about volunteering is that she never knows what is going to happen each day, and she enjoys that feeling because she is always up for a challenge.

Although Katie is just a freshman at Mira Costa High School, she has big plans for her future. One of her goals is to follow her brother's footsteps in joining the track team. Katie plans on attending college after high school with aspirations of attending either UC San Diego or Texas Christian University. She is unsure where working with kids will take her, but thoroughly enjoys helping kids play their way to good health.

Katie encourages others to at least give volunteering a try because the feeling itself is rewarding. She also mentions that AdventurePlex is a great place to “go and make friends,” and have fun while doing it. Through her time volunteering, Katie has her sights on landing a part-time position as an AdventurePlex Employee.