Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Wadman
Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mary Wadman is a Front Desk Assistant at BCHD’s Center for Health and Fitness (CHF). She is responsible for providing a warm and welcoming environment for more than 3,000 CHF members. Her duties include greeting members and guests, handing out towels and assisting staff with answering questions from members. An ever-social person, her favorite part of volunteering is meeting friendly people and getting to know them. She also enjoys keeping the front desk area clean and neat for the members.

Mary began volunteering with BCHD’s Blue Zones Project and served on its Walking Moai Committee, where she utilized her talents in graphic design. “I really enjoy the fact that [BCHD] supports the volunteers and appreciates them,” says Mary. “It makes you even more motivated and I appreciate them as much as they appreciate me. I hope to be there a long time.”

Mary grew up in Salt Lake City and graduated from Westminster College. Following graduating, she moved to Manhattan Beach where she met her future husband, who lived right next door, more than 35 years ago. Mary worked in graphic design for Cancer Support Community of Redondo Beach and she believes in its cause to provide support for cancer patients and their loved ones. Afterwards she worked as an independent graphic designer before transitioning into performing more volunteer work. She joined a walking moai five years ago and loves the social and fitness aspects of being in a moai. When she began, Mary especially enjoyed having people to talk to after working from home all day. And to this day, her group still walks together four times a week.

Written with thanks to Dina Cramer.

Watch Mary's honoree video for Spirit of Wellness 2019 here.