Monday, May 2, 2016

Eden Serina is a volunteer with BCHD’s MoveWell program which helps older adults become stronger and healthier through safe and easy exercises. Through the program, trained volunteers like Eden are matched with an older adult and perform weekly visits and phone calls to provide support. When she first heard about MoveWell, Eden immediately knew it was a perfect fit and soon began assisting two clients with their strength and fitness levels. 

“I love being able to connect with people. I have a chance to make an impact on their lives and watch them get stronger or more able to move around, even to smile a little bit more” says Eden.  “I enjoy getting to know them and learning about their lives; they have a rich history.”  

Eden is a physically active person who is committed to health and exercise. Aside from volunteering with BCHD, she teaches yoga, as well as develops mind and body enrichment programs for older adults.  Eden has a B.S. in Finance and Marketing from New York University. Her career journey includes various jobs in finance and training for the Olympics as a pro snowboarder. Although Eden was born in West Virginia and grew up in Rancho Palos Verdes from the fourth grade on, her family is rooted in the Philippines, which allowed her to represent the country in snowboarding – not to mention Eden was the first Filipino female snowboarder in the Olympic Trials.

Eden has three siblings and majority of her family are medical professionals.  Though she doesn’t hold a medical degree, Eden is afforded the opportunity to impact the health of older adults through her work with BCHD, which is what she finds most rewarding and personally satisfying. 

Written with thanks to Dina Cramer