Yoga is for Every Body
Thursday, January 26, 2023
Including Yours

Strike a pose by trying yoga! Think yoga is only for people who can contort themselves into a pretzel? Quite the contrary, in fact. The essence of yoga is alignment of body, mind, and soul. Its name literally means "unity" in Indian Sanskrit. An ancient practice dating back 3,000 years, it enhances mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Research has also shown that yoga can improve your sleep quality, make you more flexible, and help you lose weight.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or pro, you can find a CHF class that’s right for you:

  • YOGA BASICS: Designed with the new yogi in mind, this class provides instruction on the fundamentals of yoga, including hatha yoga postures, sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, hip openers, backbends, forward bends & twists, in addition to meditation and breath work. The goal of this class is to help students perfect their practice without the pressure to “keep up” at a certain pace. New practitioners will develop body awareness to facilitate correct postureal alignment through the Asana (poses), and they will learn how to connect breath with movements for a deeper spiritual involvement.
  • RESTORATIVE FLOW: Combine the best of Restorative Yoga, using props and other aids with the warm, rejuvenating pace of a flow class. This gently flowing practice will help relax and restore your body and mind and will help to melt away your aches and pains. This class is suited to all abilities because poses (asana) may be modified as needed with caring, individualized attention from your instructor.
  • VINYASA YOGA: Vinyasa, meaning “connection”, is a style of yoga in which the Asana (poses) are synchronized with breath in smooth, flowing sequences. Offered at variable paces and with modifications to the poses, this class is an ideal introduction to a dynamic, athletic yoga discipline. First-timers are welcome, and experienced yogis will also benefit from focusing on form and technique in this diverse class.
  • SUNSET FLOW: Flow smoothly through a series of invigorating Vinyasa sequences designed to recharge your batteries as day turns into night and the sun makes room for the moon. The class includes instruction on all the basics of hatha yoga postures, sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, hip openers, backbends, forward bends & twists, in addition to meditation and breath work. Hone body awareness, stimulate the nervous system, and strengthen the heart and lungs while calming the mind and steadying the emotions in this holistic class. Modifications and variations are offered throughout to accommodate students of all levels.
  • SUNRISE YOGA: Start as you mean to go on by energizing your whole self in this mindful morning yoga class. Move gently through Asana (poses) designed to awaken your mind and stimulate your body. Practiced regularly, you will soon feel the physical and spiritual benefits of becoming stronger and more focused on your daily tasks. No caffeine needed for this class.
  • GENTLE/RESTORATIVE YOGA: This class will focus on bringing mind, body, and spirit into balance by unwinding tension, fatigue, and anxiety while enhancing flexibility, mobility, and resilience to stress. Gentle Yoga Postures coordinated with mindful breathing deepens awareness and moves at a pace that allows time to be present in each pose. Restorative Yoga Postures will use yoga props to support the body in reclining positions that open and relax the body, which allows the breath to expand more freely. This is the perfect yoga practice to relax, renew, and reset your body, mind, and spirit! Please bring your own towel.

Experience a class for free in February by contacting the Center for Health & Fitness front desk! 310-374-3426, Option 3, or simply stop by. Click here to view all class options and instructor bios.