Manhattan Beach Police Department testimonial
Wednesday, January 3, 2024

My name is Officer Hedde, and I am a police officer for the city of Manhattan Beach. On September 27, 2023, officers responded to a call for service in regards of a welfare check. It was determined the subject could not live on his own in the condition he was in and he had no family in California to provide care for him.

I called Beach Cities Health District to see how they could assist. I spoke to Melody Escamilla-Sanchez on the phone and made her aware of the unique circumstances we were facing. I received a call back in a very short and reasonable amount of time with great news.

I was then connected with Charlotte Barnett. After explaining my situation, she agreed to help in any way she could. I provided names and contacts for the family members and Charlotte coordinated and arranged the rest. Charlotte never asked me about payments, fees, or any administration questions. Her genuine concern was for the well-being of our subject, and she knew the family had been having a difficult day as it was.

Charlotte worked together with Emily Brosius to accommodate the family by having a caregiver come to the house in an extremely timely manner. In fact, a caregiver was scheduled for over 24 hours of care, until the family was able reunite with him.

I would like to recognize Melody, Charlotte and Emily for their overall outstanding professionalism, dedication and genuine concern for the safety and well-being of others. Not only did they provide a great service to the family, but also helped the Manhattan Beach Police Department in an extraordinary way. This unique situation could not have been solved as smoothly as it did without their support.

Thanks for going above and beyond, I look forward to a continued relationship between Beach Cities Health District and MBPD.

Officer Hedde