Foam Rolling….How do I get started?
Thursday, September 28, 2023

Want to know a great way to relax the body and relieve pain? Try foam rolling! But what is foam rolling and how do I get started?

Foam rolling is a technique where the body is used to self-massage. It involves using a cylindrical roller made up of lightweight, compacted foam to roll the body over. This targets specific muscles, such as the lower back, hips and legs.  

People use foam rollers as a way increase circulation, flexibility, mobility, prevent injury and release tension in the body. They do so by putting pressure on muscles and connective tissue called fascia by rolling your body on or lying down directly on the roller. 

Foam rolling can be painful so it’s best to start slowly, go easy, and only do what you’re comfortable doing. To get stared, obtain a foam roller, and begin by gently rolling over a tender spot. It is recommended to hold steady pressure, or roll your muscles over the roller, to help work out any tender spots for at least 30 seconds to two minutes until the discomfort starts to subside.

According to a recent article in IDEA Health & Fitness Association on Foam-Rolling Techniques, incorporating foam rolling into your exercise routine requires four steps: 

  1. Search. Use the foam roller to slowly roll the muscle length. 
  2. Destroy. Hold pressure on 2–3 of the most tender spots along the muscle. 
  3. Mobilize. While holding pressure, perform movements different from rolling up and down. 
  4. Flush. Finish by performing slow rolling motions to flush the area. 

Foam rolling is a tool to help you feel better before and after your workouts. The great thing about foam rolling is that anyone at any fitness level can complete these simple exercises. By learning these foam rolling techniques, you’ll be able to move better and enjoy different activities impacted by functional movement. To learn more about foam rolling exercises and techniques, please contact our Personal Training Team at (310)374-3426, option 3.

Written By: Julie Lumbao, CHF Programs Manager