2017 Core Value Award Winners   
Thursday, May 25, 2017

BCHD is fortunate to have a number of volunteers who go above and beyond their duties to help us excel in creating a healthy beach community. Each year, Volunteer Services honors and recognizes individuals who truly embody our core values of accountability, integrity, compassion, and excellence. Below are this year’s winners who were celebrated at our recent Volunteer Recognition Brunch.

Lindley Montoya

Garden Angel, Lead Garden Docent at Alta Vista Elementary

Core Value Award: Accountability

BCHD has been able to count on Lindley Montoya for any need in the school gardens —accountability is an understatement when describing her dedication to the garden programs. She has no problem doing hard work and getting her hands dirty, even in inclement weather conditions. She always has a cheerful, positive attitude and is always one of the first people to volunteer to help with anything that needs to be done.

Dorothea Rosen

Campus Greeter, Community Group Facilitator – Powerful Tools for Caregivers & Healthier Living, Conversation Companion

Core Value Award: Compassion

Dorothea is an outstandingly compassionate person who is also known for being very open-minded and non-judgmental. She truly empathizes with each community member she encounters, listening to them with an open heart. She also has an innate ability to put herself in the shoes of others, always striving to evaluate their situation from a broad perspective, rather than through a narrow lens. It's evident in her interactions with others that she has a special ability to connect and compassionately care for people.

Jennifer Pusateri

Restaurant Ambassador

Core Value Award: Excellence

Blue Zones Restaurant Ambassador Jennifer Pusateri presents excellence in her mission to expand healthy eating in the community. Jenni takes her role as an ambassador for Blue Zones Project’s restaurant sector very seriously. She has a passion for creating a healthier community and advocates these values to everyone she meets.

Mary Drummer

Emergency Preparedness Volunteer, Event Volunteer

Core Value Award: Integrity

Mary demonstrates a deep integrity and works hard to help strengthen emergency preparedness in the Beach Cities. Her dedication to delivering emergency kits that help protect some of our community’s most vulnerable older adults is inspiring. Without Mary's tireless contributions to BCHD’s Emergency Preparedness Program, it just wouldn’t be where it is today.

Aine Dwane

CHF Clubhouse

Teen Core Value Award

When Aine works in the Center for Health & Fitness Clubhouse she is always willing to lend a helping hand with the children. She carries a positive energy with her that guarantees a fun time for the kids as well as her fellow volunteers. Aine has a natural ability to interact and care for children. She even encourages them to model healthy behaviors in the clubhouse, a testament to how highly she values her work and improving the community.