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About Streets for All

We all share the responsibility to make Beach Cities streets safe for everyone, including pedestrians and bicyclists. Safe places to walk and bike are important for supporting active, vibrant communities. In backing this effort, BCHD launched a safety campaign to educate the community on how they can create “Streets for All”: bicyclists, pedestrians, drivers, strollers, people with disabilities and skateboarders.

Streets for All focuses on spreading public education messages about street safety to residents of all ages and spotlighting the need for increased safety measures along highly-trafficked corridors like Prospect Avenue — which cuts through six school zones and impacts more than 5,500 Redondo Beach students on a daily basis.

For more information on ways Blue Zones Project is creating a livable beach community, view the Streets for All resource guide, the Streets for All educational series summary report or visit

Key campaign themes:

  • Encourage bicyclists to stop at stop signs and ride in the direction of traffic
  • Educate pedestrians about using crosswalks and waiting for signals
  • Alert motorists to slow down and watch for people
  • Promote “Streets for All” and sharing the road for all users

Why it matters:

  • From 2010 to 2013, there were 64 car crashes involving bicyclists or pedestrians near Redondo Beach schools
  • Nearly all students who attend Beach Cities schools live within walking or biking distance
  • Active Living Research indicates that educational efforts can improve safety and increase the number of children walking and biking to and from school
  • Increasing walking and biking to school helps improve students' academic performance through increased concentration in the classroom

International Walk to School Day
The 25th annual International Walk to School Day is on Wednesday, October 6, 2021! Although Walk to School Day may look different this year, we can still celebrate as a community. Start the day off with an enjoyable walk to school! Contact your school for site-specific meet-up locations. 

Share photos of your walk on social media! Use #WalktoSchoolDay.

View the flyer here.

Share Your Story

Have a concern or want to share a personal story about street safety in the Beach Cities? Share your feedback on this online form.


Share on Social Media

How do you create Streets for All? Share an image of how you roll with the hashtag #StreetsForAll and tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Volunteer to promote safe Streets For All with programs including the Walking School Bus and local bike corrals.

​Go Human

Streets for All is the local interpretation of a regional effort by the Southern California Association of Governments. The "Go Human" campaign encourages Southern Californians to use human-powered transportation.

Youth Bicycle and Pedestrian Education Program

Beach Cities Cycling Club has designed a program that teaches children how to be safe cyclists and pedestrians.

Share on Social Media:

Slow your roll. Speeding gives you less time to react to something or someone in your path. #StreetsForAll

Bicyclists must come to a complete stop at any stop sign or stoplight, and yield to those who arrive first. #StreetsForAll

Cross at the corner or crosswalk, and always look both ways before crossing. Make eye contact with drivers to make sure they see you. #StreetsForAll

Always ride in the direction of traffic, and use signals when turning. These simple acts help bicyclists be more visible and predictable to those around them. #StreetsForAll

Keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions - like checking your phone - while driving. #StreetsForAll.


Download Streets for All Campaign Materials:

− Streets for All Safety Tips

  • Street Smarts Guide: Streets for All Safety Tips

− Streets for All Posters

  • Slow your roll.
  • Stop means stop.
  • Be on the safe side.
  • Go with the flow.
  • It's not just a sign.
  • It's not just a sign.
  • I saw the sign.

− Streets for All Social Media Images

  • Slow your roll.
  • Stop means stop.
  • Be on the safe side.
  • It's not just a sign.
  • It's not just a sign.
  • I saw the sign.
  • Go with the flow.
  • Streets for All Partners

Streets for All Partners

Additional Street Safety Resources