Mara Blum, Center for Health & Fitness
Monday, November 20, 2017

Native to Argentina, Mara Blum immigrated to the states with her parents at the age of 5. As a child, Mara acted in commercials and after-school specials but later decided to leave acting behind to become a medical malpractice lawyer, a career she worked for years in until becoming pregnant with the first of her two daughters.

After selling their home in Brentwood, Mara and her family moved to Manhattan Beach in 2014. It was then that Mara searched on for an opportunity that would be a good fit for her. The Front Desk Volunteer position at Beach Cities Health District’s (BCHD) Center for Health a& Fitness (CHF) peaked her interest, and for over a year and a half, Mara has now been donating her time there.

As a front desk volunteer, Mara assists CHF staff by checking in guests, folding towels, helping answer questions and general clean up. Mara explained her role is “to be there for anyone who needs help.” And the wide smile on her face as she talks about CHF shows just how much she loves to volunteer there. “It’s so wonderful connecting with everyone. The people are just so wonderful. I love it. I have a wonderful time.” Those who work with Mara match her enthusiasm when asked about her. Aaron Mosqueda explained, “Everything about Mara stands out, whether it's her continuous dedication to volunteering every week or her social connection to each member. She's kind, full of joy, and just an overall pleasant person to be around. Mara is an incredible volunteer who enjoys going above and beyond for others without hesitation.”

When asked what advice Mara would give to someone thinking about volunteering at CHF, she said, “It’s an amazing place to work. Everyone is promoting health and wellness at all ages, which is a great mission! It’s flexible too.” When Mara is not volunteering or spending time with her family, she enjoys spinning class three times a week and loves to watch movies of all kinds.

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Written by Christina Parisi