2016 in Review
Sunday, January 1, 2017

At Beach Cities Health District (BCHD), we use outcomes and data as the measuring sticks for our success, especially when evaluating our more than 21 evidence based community health programs and services currently being implemented in the Beach Cities.

Because at the end of the day (or year!), facts and data always speak for themselves – making this the perfect opportunity to present a snapshot of the key community health accomplishments realized in 2016, as well as what lies ahead.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of our staff, volunteers, community partners and elected officials, in 2016:
• The Beach Cities earned the highest well-being score in the nation, according to the Gallup-Healthways
• Well-Being Index. Additionally, the index showed marked declines in smoking, significant daily stress and overweight rates, and increases in healthy eating and exercise behaviors among residents.
• The Beach Cities were the largest community in the U.S. to receive Blue Zones Community Certification.
• Childhood obesity in Redondo Beach elementary schools dipped to the lowest recorded rate in more than 12 years, falling to just seven percent.
• BCHD health programming was implemented in each of the 21 public schools in the Beach Cities.
• Despite a rapidly expanding senior population, the fall rate among Beach Cities older adults dipped to just 5.3 percent, the lowest in six years.
• More than 600 BCHD volunteers logged upwards of 30,000 hours.

The U.S. Surgeon General visited the Beach Cities in 2016 to learn more about the measurable health successes being realized. At the conclusion of his visit, Vivek Murthy, M.D, M.B.A. said of the Beach Cities: “We tend to believe that America’s health problems are too big and intractable. You have proven that communities can take charge and reverse the trend.”

Looking ahead, with sustained support from our many community partners and volunteers, we intend to again take charge and address the greatest health needs facing the Beach Cities, including high rates of substance use among teens and adults and the growing demand for older adult services, among others.

To see a complete list of BCHD’s strategic health priorities for the next three years and to get involved in creating a healthy beach community, visit www.bchd.org.

Here’s to an even healthier New Year.

In health,
Tom Bakaly
Chief Executive Officer
Beach Cities Health District