“Talk About It” Small-Group Parent Workshop: Tips for Effective Conversations with Your Child
Thursday, July 30, 2020

Beach Cities Health District, in partnership with our Student Mental  Health Provider Task Force, hosts the virtual “ Talk About It” Small-Group Parent Workshop series. This series supports families at home as they navigate distance learning and help create balance for students and parents. Gayle Dargel, M.A., AMFT of Clear Recovery Center facilitated this workshop on June 4, 2020.

During  June’s workshop, Dargel discussed mindful parenting and attachment styles, adolescent and  teen developmental stages, generational differences adolescents and teens are facing, substance use trends in the South Bay and how the Clear Recovery Center supports families.

Top 3 Tips for Effective Conversations with Your Child

  • Become familiar with developmental stages: While all children reach developmental milestones uniquely, becoming familiar with age-appropriate developmental stages can help parents better understand their child, their behaviors and their emotions. The California Department of Education has many resources for parents and caregivers, click here for additional resources.
  • Meet your child where they are: Children do not have an identical understanding of naming or expressing emotion. While some children are comfortable identifying and expressing feelings of anxiety, fear or anger, some children may need more guidance deciphering the gradation of their emotions. Help your child identify and express their emotions, beginning at the stage they are comfortable in.
  • Create a safe space: Parents, unknowingly, may create an environment where their children might not feel comfortable expressing their emotions. Having regular conversations in a calm, non-judgmental tone can help create a safe space where both parents and children feel supported and comfortable sharing.

Please find the recording of this event, as well as additional “Talk About It” workshops and information at bchd.org/talk.