SALLY DOYLE, Administrative Services Front Desk
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Within minutes of talking to Sally Doyle, her energy and positive spirit come shining through.

Born in New York and raised in Pennsylvania, Sally Doyle didn’t make the Beach Cities home until 1984 when she and her husband, Steve, put down roots in Manhattan Beach.

Years ago, with a background in Human Resources Management and Administration, Sally applied for a position in Human Resources at BCHD after seeing it listed in The Daily Breeze. While she wasn’t selected for the position, she stayed aware of BCHD since her children enjoyed the gardening program.

About a year ago, Sally began to look for local volunteer opportunities and was reminded of BCHD. She knew she wanted to be in an office environment and interviewed specifically for the front desk, which she enjoys. “I like to edit, to write. I’ve helped with a newsletter and I like the things that tickle my old skills.” Sally enjoys volunteering close to home where she can “contribute directly to the employees of BCHD and thus indirectly to the community.”

Administrative Services Manager Valerie Lee had this to say about her: “Sally Doyle joined the Administrative Services volunteer team in August, 2017.  In the past year, she has become such a pivotal part of our volunteer team!  She has become our ‘go to’ volunteer for preparing all the employee and volunteer badges, and she is very patient and can solve almost any problem that is thrown her way…  We love how dedicated Sally is to getting any job done promptly and accurately, and she’s also willing to step in any day the front desk is shorthanded!  You rock, Sally!”

Her advice to others thinking about volunteering at BCHD is to do it. “There are so many different niches you can help with. What do you like to do? You’ll likely find something [at BCHD].”

One of thirteen children, Sally comes from a big family and enjoys visiting them on the east coast. When she’s not dreaming of becoming a grandmother, she enjoys going on dates with her husband of nearly 38 years, enjoying all the Beach Cities have to offer.

Written by Christina Parisi