Meet the Member Services Specialist Team!
Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Lakeshia Crosby

Hello, I'm Lakeshia Crosby and I'm from Los Angeles. I am a mother of four children, and I also care for my three nieces and one nephew. As a Member Service Specialist at CHF, I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. My favorite thing about the neighborhood I live in is that there are many resources and activities for youth. My hobbies include making things using resin, sewing and braiding hair. My favorite well-being practices consist of decluttering my home, spending time with my children and keeping in contact with close friends via in person or social media. I'm always happy to help so stop by the front desk anytime.

Whitney Hernandez

California is where I was born and raised. I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to all kinds of music. My favorite Well-being challenge is to walk long distances. I love trying new things. When it comes to fruit strawberries are my favorite, but pears are awesome too!

Jacob Mallord

Redondo Beach is where I'm from. There are many things I love about my town, but I especially love that most of my family lives here. Seeing and chatting with CHF members as they check-in is one of the highlights of my day. Playing basketball with friends, cooking with my girlfriend and relaxing around the house are some of my favorite hobbies when I'm not at CHF.

Greisy Catalan

Hello, I'm Greisy. I am 25 years old and study Kinesiology at CSULB (Go Beach!). I was born and raised in Guatemala, moved here at the age of 10 and have lived here ever since. Workouts, reading and listening to music are some of my favorite hobbies. I enjoy anything outdoors and I love spending time with my sister and all the CHF members. The next time you're at the club, say hello to me at the reception desk or on the fitness floor.