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Wine @ Five

Did you know that many of the world’s longest-living people enjoy a glass of antioxidant-rich wine each day? And they might just be onto something. Studies show that for people who have a healthy relationship with alcohol, enjoying a glass of wine rich in artery-scrubbing flavonoids can benefit the health of the mind and body.

Beach Cities Health District's Blue Zones Project celebrates the Power 9 Principle of Wine @ Five with a monthly event at a Blue Zones Restaurant

Upcoming Wine @ Five events:

Tuesday, April 11
Thai Dishes 
1015 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
Manhattan Beach 

Tuesday, May 9
A Basq Kitchen
136 International Boardwalk
Redondo Beach 

Tuesday, June 13
Manhattan House
1019 Manhattan Beach Blvd.
Manhattan Beach

Learn more about Wine @ Five and other upcoming events on our event calendar.