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All Redondo Beach Unified School District and Hermosa Beach City School District elementary schools have LiveWell Kids gardens funded for by Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) and maintained by Beach Cities Health District's (BCHD) Garden Angel volunteers. The gardens provide a place for students to receive five interactive lessons per year, covering topics including, planting, harvesting, pollination, photosynthesis, seasonal planting and more.

The LiveWell Kids Garden Program Learning Modules Include:

  • Module 1: Warm Season Harvest
    Students learn about the health benefits of the warm season crops that are growing in their garden. Students harvest the garden beds and prepare a mindful tasting with the ingredients.
  • Module 2: Cool Season Planting
    Students learn about seasonal planting and plant seeds for cool season crops.
  • Module 3: Composting
    Students learn the benefits of composting, examine macro-organisms and other contents in the compost pile, and participate in building a layer of compost in their compost bin.
  • Module 4: Cool Season Harvest
    Students learn about the cool season crops growing in their garden and how they relate to other plants. Students also harvest their garden beds and prepare a healthy cool season dish.
  • Module 5: Warm Season Planting
    Students learn about warm season crops. They prepare their garden beds for planting and amend the soil before planting seeds for warm season crops.

More Resources

Local resources for garden-related workshops:

For more information, please contact:
Mishell Balzer, Garden Coordinator
310-374-3426 ext. 264

Interested in becoming a Garden Angel volunteer for the LiveWell Kids Garden Program? Apply today!