Healthy Living Programs
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Healthy Living Campus project?
Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) is in the planning phase of renovating and enhancing its 11-acre campus in Redondo Beach. Preliminary plans call for developing onsite Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE), replacing acres of asphalt with useable green/open space, refurbishing the aging hospital building and creating a true hub of well-being for residents of the Beach Cities to enjoy.

What are the community benefits of the Healthy Living Campus project?
In addition to providing much-needed residential care options for aging residents who want to remain in the Beach Cities and creating a sustainable funding source for critical preventive health programs and services, the Healthy Living Campus has a host of features designed specifically to benefit the community at large, including:

  • An outdoor amphitheater/gathering space for community use
  • A new community exercise center (Center for Health & Fitness) with a warm water pool
  • A protected bike lane along Flagler and Diamond streets
  • Public walking trails and bike paths lined with outdoor exercise stations and equipment
  • Community vegetable gardens and California native plant gardens
  • Replacing asphalt parking with green space/open space for community uses like fitness events, farmer’s markets, community workshops, etc.
  • Enhanced public transportation nodes and improved accessibility on the campus

Is community input being considered?
Absolutely. Significant changes have already been made to the conceptual plans based on input gathered at community meetings, discussions with our community working group and comment cards received. We anticipate making further refinements to the project in the coming weeks based on ongoing talks with neighboring residents, local groups and elected officials. Public input can be submitted for consideration by visiting

Is Residential Care for the Elderly a health need?
Yes, and a critical one considering the imminent senior tsunami approaching our country and community. According to the peer-reviewed journal Health Affairs, one of the most important public health discoveries in recent years is the degree to which one’s physical environment (home) influences health status and premature mortality. This is especially true for the more vulnerable senior population.

Does BCHD have the legal authority to develop Residential Care Facilities (RCFE)?
Yes. Healthcare districts are permitted under state law to develop health facilities like RCFEs. Additionally, all elements of the Healthy Living Campus will meet local zoning regulations.

Will an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) be conducted?
Yes. BCHD will complete the City of Redondo Beach’s public EIR process. All findings and potential impacts will be publicly disclosed and discussed. The expected EIR start date is mid-2018 and should take about a year to complete.

What will be done with any potential profits generated by the proposed RCFEs?
As has been the BCHD model for decades, any potential revenue generated will be reinvested in the Beach Cities through community health programs and services like school gardens, senior care management, anti-obesity programming in schools, health grants, etc. Currently, this proven model allows BCHD to provide $3.50 in programs and services for every tax dollar received.

Where can I learn more about the project?
Visit or send an email to All project materials and updates are publicly posted online.