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Healthy Living Campus Project

What is the Healthy Living Campus Project?
Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) is in the planning and design stages of creating a Healthy Living Campus (HLC) for the community on the District’s 11-acre site located at 514 North Prospect Avenue in Redondo Beach. When completed, the HLC will be a hub of well-being that better connects Beach Cities residents – ranging from children and families to adults and older adults – with the abundant health services and programs offered onsite.

The HLC Project involves holistically modernizing our 62-year-old campus to better serve the evolving health needs of the Beach Cities. Proposed upgrades include:

  • Refurbishing our aging medical building
  • Constructing a residential Community for Older Adults
  • Increasing campus connectivity and accessibility by integrating Blue Zones Project principles
  • Creating usable green space at the core of the campus by consolidating parking on the perimeter
  • Leveraging livability principles to form a pedestrian and bike-friendly environment

As these efforts begin to move forward, our goal is to be methodical, cost efficient and, most importantly, community-focused. To ensure the Healthy Living Campus best serves the needs of our community, we are conducting a robust public outreach campaign and have convened a Community Working Group to help our board of directors design the project.

What is a Community for Older Adults?
As part of the HLC Project, residential living for aging members of our community will be developed onsite. This Community for Older Adults will allow residents who can no longer live safely and independently in their homes to remain connected to their community and social supports as they “age in place.”

The Beach Cities have a rapidly expanding population of older adults and residential living is a significant issue for the nearly 15,000 seniors in the community. Data shows that 94 percent of our area’s older adults want to remain here, but independent and assisted living complexes are at capacity, with waiting lists up to three years.

The BCHD campus is an ideal location to address this growing community need due to the unique blend of health services and providers located onsite – including geriatric social workers, dementia care, cancer care, pharmacies, surgery centers and medical providers like UCLA Health, Providence and Torrance Memorial – as well as its close proximity to grocery stores and restaurants.

Leveraging this highly accessible hub of health programs and services will enable us to provide older adults with the unique opportunity to embed in a community that increases their longevity, independence, quality of life and, most importantly, allows them to gracefully age in the Beach Cities.

What will the public input process entail?
To ensure the HLC best serves our community, we are engaging the public in the planning phase and have formed a Community Working Group to help the board develop the project. This group of invited leaders and stakeholders was selected to represent the various populations and organizations in the Beach Cities and will serve as a community sounding board and guidepost.

BCHD will also conduct public meetings to allow local residents to learn about the project, provide detailed feedback and interact with BCHD representatives and the project team.  Additionally, the public will be able to provide input during the public comment period and public hearing that follow the release of the Draft EIR.

How can I provide input and feedback about the Project?
Questions and general feedback about the Project can be emailed to or submitted directly to BCHD staff using our online comment card. Dates for community open houses and informational events will be determined at a later date and communicated to the public well in advance.

Community Outreach Contact: Eric Garner, BCHD communications manager, at (310) 374-3426 or

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